About Us

El Cubano is our third iteration of what was once Geo's Cuban & Creole, founded in 2013 and located on Shilshole Ave in Ballard.  In 2018 we opened Geo's Cuban Bar & Grill on Greenwood Ave. Though we made it through Covid, we decided not to renew our lease and instead reverted back to our roots. Small, take-out spots. 

We were excited to find our new home, a tiny 400 square foot space at 19920 Aurora Ave North in Shoreline.  We opened on July 15, 2021 and have had the privilege of welcoming many new customers, loyal regulars and even old friends from our Shilshole days. 

In December of 2021 we opened our sister location, Geo's Cuban To Go. Located at 9891 Aurora Ave North in Seattle.